Entrepreneurs of Hamilton: Aiva Labs Feature

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Q: “How have you taken the knowledge of your degree & applied it to your startup?”

A: “Walking into university, we’re often pressurized to know what program or career we want to pursue next. We fail to realize that university opens doors to new opportunities, as long as you are willing to hustle to achieve your goals. The Co-Founders of Aiva Labs don’t have degrees in typical business related programs, but rather in Computer Engineering and Life Sciences. They’ve used their learnings from school and applied them in real life situations to build their online business.

Adnan was enrolled in a co-op program where he worked on numerous enterprise software products. He realized that there was a problem with creating software for individual customers since the code created could never be used again. Sarosha volunteered with a startup in Communitech that was aligned with her vision to help radiologists diagnose faster using Deep Learning. After learning about the arduous process of bringing a medical product to the market, she immediately started researching a problem that she could solve today. She worked with professors at McMaster to become an expert on web design psychology and uses that knowledge to help struggling online businesses with their engagement.

In today’s world, if you’re passionate about learning, the power of Google is all you need. Students ask us all the time how we ended up getting the experience we needed to start a company. The answer is simple, all you have to do is volunteer with a startup/organization you’re interested in and get the experience you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for? Just GO FOR IT!”

Aiva Labs helps businesses increase their website engagement using intelligent marketing campaigns that auto-magically improve themselves – no coding required!

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