Entrepreneurs of Hamilton: Thrive Games Feature

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Q: What’s your startup story?

A: At Thrive Games, we are committed in bringing high quality interactive experiences to gamers of all ages. Our story began a long time ago when we were growing up. Video games were a big part of our lives not only for their entertainment value. Games and the act of gaming was almost like this magical social glue that brought people together and caused meaningful relationships to be born in an instant. From figuring out a complicated puzzle in Zelda with the help of a family member, or playing 4 player Mario Kart and totally wrecking everyone – games brought people together. Our main inspiration for starting Thrive Games came from our own personal love of video games, so if I was going to give any advice to people just starting out I’d say to think with your gut, but follow your heart. Anything is possible if you dedicate the time and effort into it, so you might as well be doing something you love!   

Thrive Games seeks to create innovative multiplayer games, while hearkening back to the complex nostalgia of gaming’s evolution. Thrive Games’ flagship game “Dragon of Legends” is coming soon: Uncover countless mysteries of the past as you battle across platforms in this 2D action RPG inspired by Viking mythology.


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