Announcing the Forge@MAC Student Startup Competition 2017 Finalists

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Congratulations to our ten Forge@MAC Student Startup Competition 2017 finalists who will compete to win up to $20,000 in cash prizes on Thursday, March 23rd at McMaster Student Centre’s CIBC Hall!

The ten finalists are as follows:

20/20 OptimEyes
Frances Lasowski – Department of Chemical Engineering

  • 20/20 OptimEyes is a biotechnology start-up developing a transformative drug delivery platform for ocular diseases normally controlled with eye drops. They have developed an improved eye drop, targeted initially for dry eye disease, that allows patients to put in drops painlessly and less frequently, thus improving patient compliance and increasing clinical outcomes to improve their vision.

Aiva Labs
Sarosha Imtiaz – Faculty of Science

  • Aiva helps agencies and small businesses create and A/B test intelligent overlay campaigns on their websites focused on converting their traffic through offers and content geared toward inspiring action, with no coding required.

Alex Ianovski – School of Biomedical Engineering

  • CataList identifies high-cost health users through real time machine learning analytics for immediate healthcare planning.

Michael Carrier – Mechanical Engineering and Management Program

  • Charitees is a tailored, client-driven online brand stores for organizations that will allow them to easily and professionally market themselves and their products to their members. This a “turnkey” solution that integrates all aspects of providing custom branded products.

GenZ Innovations
Cameron Siou – Department of Kinesiology

  • Gen Z Innovations’ mission is to ‘exceed today’s limits’ on health and fitness technology. Their first product, the Gemini® platform, challenges the status quo of all stationary rowing machines by creating the first indoor rowing platform that feels like you’re rowing ‘on-water’ that is dynamically and functionally superior to current rowing machines.

Navita Dyal -W Booth School of Engineering Practice

  • KiDi SMS (Kids with Diabetes Self-Management System) is a novel glucose self-management system, designed for children with type I diabetes. Self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is an essential component of achieving glycemic control, and the goal of SMBG is to collect detailed information throughout the day to then inform the necessary adjustments in diet, physical activity and insulin doses to improve glycemic control. KiDi SMS is a mobile application which uses gamification to incentivize, and encourage, this behaviour.

Anthony Gatti – School of Rehabilitation Science

  • Segmenting medical images takes hours, is expensive, and is prone to human error. NeuralSeg automatically segments MRIs, saving physicians and researcher’s time and money.

Sophia Calkhoven – Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Shuttlr is a micro-transit shuttle service that picks up passengers from their homes and drops them off at the nearest express bus stop or LRT station. It solves the first mile problem in transportation and offers business employees an efficient, convenient, and low-cost way to travel to and from their workplaces, while increasing ridership of city public transit systems.

The sKan
Rotimi Fadiya – School of Biomedical Engineering

  • Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer accounting for nearly 80% of all skin cancer related deaths. The sKan is a device that addresses this problem by providing doctors with a non visual metric for assessing the melanoma, by using research that indicates a detectable difference between the temperature of healthy skin and melanoma during periods of thermal recovery.

Michael Gill – Integrated Science Program

  • Over 300,000 students walked on to campus and began their first year of university this past September. Sadly, by next year, over 60,000 will have dropped out. ThriveHere, a social enterprise, is designed to fill gaps. We offer an evidence-based, end-to-end transition program that works for all the reasons Orientation Week doesn’t.

We can’t wait to hear their winning pitches! You can register for the event here.