NanoPhyll receives $75,000 in funding from OCE and the Government of Québec

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Forge company NanoPhyll successfully received $50,000 of funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence‘s Voucher for Innovation and Productivity program, and $25,000 from the Government of Québec‘s “First Patent” program.

The OCE VIP program helps eligible Ontario companies develop, implement and commercialize technical innovations by supporting industry-academic collaborations. Industry can leverage Ontario’s world-class academic institutions to solve business challenges, develop new products and processes, and increase productivity while advancing innovations that help to build and sustain Ontario’s knowledge-based economy.

The Government of Québec’s First Patent program is an initiative to support companies in Québec to acquire a “first title of intellectual property to commercialize innovations” that will “provide SMEs with financial and technical assistance in the application process for their first patent”.

Congratulations to the NanoPhyll team!