The Entrepreneurship Generation

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En-tre-pre-neur-ship. What is it?

Entrepreneurship can be defined as taking on risks and developing a business venture to make a profit and grow a business. This could be anything from creating a consulting firm to fueling a technology start-up. The individual or party who takes on this business venture is known as an entrepreneur. Innovation and leadership drive an entrepreneur, and show that an entrepreneur is an expert in their line of work. More importantly, becoming an entrepreneur means taking control of your destiny, often following in ones pursuit of passion.

In the present day, entrepreneurship is taking flight. There are many opportunities and tools available that help support entrepreneurial ventures from technology, to funding, and developments such as innovation centres. The opportunity for one to follow in an entrepreneurial venture is strong, especially in Canada – a country that is ranked as one of the top five places in the world to start a company based on research compiled by Washington State University. Based on factors such as funding, educated workforce, cost of living, economic health and corporate taxes, Canada is noted as having a low inflation rate, a highly educated workforce and a low cost of living. With all of these factors considered, one can see how entrepreneurship is encouraged within our country.

source: THE FIVE BEST PLACES IN THE WORLD TO START A COMPANY (INFOGRAPHIC) – *Created by Washington State University –

Moreover, millennials stand on the frontier of entrepreneurial ventures. Their ventures differ from their parents or current business owners, as they are vocal about change. Millennials require purpose, flexibility, and having control of their destiny, which is beneficial for entrepreneurship overall as it changes attitudes and beliefs in a positive manner. Millennials and their ventures are backed by positive support from facilities such as co-working offices and funding campaigns. This infographic created by Inc. provides a graphical representation of what Millennials think about entrepreneurship from education, to confidence and transition periods.

Whether you are co-working with your team on a tech start-up or looking to start your own company, the time for you to pursue your dream is now. With all of the current support available, the entrepreneurSHIP awaits for you to board!