Are you one of The Next 36?

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Are you innovative? An inventor? A dreamer? Are you driven? Are you one of The Next 36?

The Next 36 is a Toronto-based accelerator program that gives 36 university students the chance to build a new business venture in a high-intense nine-month program.

The vision for this initiative is to admit students who are passionate about entrepreneurship into an environment that they will thrive, develop, and grow in in order to create long-term success. Each year, 36 high potential students are selected and the ultimate goal is to accelerate students and turn them into high impact entrepreneurs.

This opportunity will enable students to learn from an array of exceptional industry professionals, receive expert advice, earn up to $65,000 in seed capital from Canadian venture capitalists, network with an abundance of bright entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and build life-long relationships.

During the seven-month working period, training will include working with a team to develop a business. Students are responsible for pursuing an opportunity, designing and developing the necessary products, hiring employees, making sales, raising capital, and ultimately, growing a company.

Applications are now open for university students to apply to this great opportunity. Interested students have until October 27 to submit their application and for a chance to be placed in Canada’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.

If you are ambitious and passionate about entrepreneurship, The Next 36 is a great opportunity for you to create a big impact!

Think you have what it takes to a part of Canada’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative but need more information? The Next 36 National Campus Tour will be stopping at McMaster University and McMaster’s Spectrum is hosting an event where you can learn more about The Next 36 organization, what they can offer you, and how to apply. Our event will be held at TwelvEighty at McMaster on Monday, September 15. We’ll be joined by Jon French, the Director of Marketing and Events with The Next 36, as well as alumni from the program to answer any questions you may have!

For more information, to see the agenda, and to register for our event The Next 36 @ McMaster, Click Hereor register below.